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The dog? You are named after the dog? AHA!

I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog!

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  • teacher: are there any classes you are struggling with?
  • me: the bourgeois
  • teacher: what
  • me: what
  • karl marx: nice

and now, because I can’t hold them back any longer, some pictures of my roommate’s cat deciding to hang out on my body

Beyoncé didn’t show up to this guy’s dental appointment, and he’s really upset with her.

Cody, 17, was on his way home having had his wisdom teeth removed when his mum kindly reminded him that his idol had left him in the lurch.

Drugged up on Valium, the teenager could hardly contain his grief as the realization set in.

‘She told me she’d be here,’ he whined. ‘She lied to me. She lied to me, Mummy.’


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